Typing Settings in Windows 10

Typing Settings In Windows 10

Today’s we are discussing about the typing settings in windows 10. If you love writing, then typing plays an important role in your life. Typing helps a lot in time-saving.  To open Typing settings in windows 10, you have to follow these given steps: Click on the “Windows” icon from the keyboard. You will also […]

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Touchpad Settings in Windows 10

Touchpad Settings In Windows 10

These settings are basically for that person who used a laptop as your desktop. The touchpad is a part of a laptop that is used to touch and handle as a mouse. Today in this article we discuss about the Touchpad settings in windows 10. To open Touchpad Settings in Windows 10, follow these given […]

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Ethernet Settings in Windows 10

Ethernet Settings In Windows 10

Ethernet is a computer network technology that is used in the Local area network (LAN). You will also use Ethernet in different area networks like LAN, MAN, WAN. Ethernet is used to connecting multiple computers with single networks. You can connect up to 1024 computers and workstations with the help of Ethernet. The Ethernet is […]

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Airplane Settings in Windows 10

Airplane Mode Settings in Windows 10

Airplane mode is also known as Flight mode, or Aeroplane mode, or Offline mode, or Standalone mode. This feature is basically used to stop all wireless communications like Wifi, Cellular, Bluetooth, etc. Airplane mode is very important in this modern world. In this article, we will discuss the airplane mode settings in windows 10 operating […]

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Mouse Settings in Windows 10

Mouse Settings In Windows 10

The mouse is a special part of the computer. It helps to input instructions and running the PC easily and compatible. You will mostly use it on your computer. The mouse helps a lot in running, clicking, browsing, selecting, editing, etc in your computer. It is very useful, without the mouse you will not be […]

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Wifi Settings in Windows 10

Wi-Fi Settings in Windows 10

Wi-Fi is the name of wireless networking technology, which is used for browsing the internet without a wired connection. In today’s world, Wi-Fi is very important for browsing the internet on a computer. Today in this post we will discuss the Wi-Fi Settings. To open Wi-Fi settings in Windows 10, you will have to follow […]

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